And Other Spurs Questions
Last we left you, Dear Reader, the Spurs were battling for something like a playoff chance and we wrote about watching and old favorite do good things…
Catching up after a long while
Or DeRozan is ballin
Pop said he was thrilled with the performance of his team against a tough schedule to start the season. That sound right. The squad is 1-2, dropping the…
Now do it again
Pop's Last Go-Round?
Or, Let's Do This Again
Tre Jones, Devin Vassell, and Josh Primo have had some nice moments this summer. After two seasons of nothing to get particularly hyped about, it sure…
I read the worst Spurs thing on the Ringer this morning. This is not surprising on its face, but I read it and had reactions to it and well it is lunch…
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Yes, we are talking about Primo